NZ Payday Loans

Here at Bad Credit Cash Loans we’re Kiwis just like you!

We live and work in the same economic atmosphere as you so we have good understanding of what is going on in New Zealand.

Payday Loans for emergencies

The prices of the necessities are going up: milk, bread, cheese and meats; all of these things are necessary to daily living. This means that as a whole, Kiwis are going to have to make their wages stretch further in order to live the way they want to. Stretching like this will mean that there are fewer savings in the bank and families may be ill prepared for sudden cash emergencies.

For example, you, your partner and the kids are at a barbeque in the middle of summer, the jandals are on and the steaks are sizzling. You are relaxing and watching the kids play cricket; your son, the master sportsman he is, hits the cricket ball straight through the window of the house you’re at!

It’s not his fault but it is an expense that you will have to pay right away. That would usually be fine but you are running a bit low on cash this week and you still have the power bill to pay. Both the bill and the window need to be taken care of right away but you don’t have the money for both.

That is where Bad Credit Cash Loans come in. We could provide you with a small short-term cash loan that will see you through till your payday.

New Zealanders helping New Zealanders

We are proud to be a 100% New Zealand registered, owned and operated business that prides itself on doing all it can for its customers. If you think that a small cash payday loan may be helpful in getting you out of a situation like the one above, then head over to the ‘How it works‘ tab to see if you qualify for a loan and Apply today!